John Henriksen - Vocals

John is an avid reader and holds a degree in English literature. After being invited on stage one night by the HOTROD Band to sing Doors songs for beer it was evident that John was in the right place at the right time. John loves all styles of music and being a member of Fof has inspired him to begin writing music once again. John describes himself as an alcoholic with a singing problem, presently suffering a chronic case of alcohol poisoning with a splash of delusions of grandeur. He is known to answer to the name "Jim". A lot of beers later and some great times, he is now a proud member of Feast of Friends and loving every minute of it...go figure! John would like to leave with this quote from his favorite author. "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be" ~ K.V. Jr.



Jude DeFalco - Drums

At the age of 7, Jude constructed his very first drum set out of large Tupperware containers and a few old drums and cymbals that were given to him by a neighbor. After receiving two years of formal drum lessons in elementary school, Jude began teaching himself by playing along to records from his family’s eclectic record collection which included music from artists like Elvis, The Beatles, KISS, Johnny Cash, The Ramones, Grand Funk Railroad, and Led Zeppelin. Jude has played in several bands and projects for nearly 35 years which cover genres from classic rock and heavy metal to punk, psychedelic Jam Band and experimental music. You'll also see Jude performing with Gratefully Yours, Mister Kick, and HeadBand (w/ Mark and Frank from FoF). His influences include John Bonham, Peter Criss, Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts, Keith Moon, John Densmore, Bill Kreutzmann, Claude Coleman Jr. 


Mark davidoff - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Mark's first axe was a plastic KISS guitar his parents bought him at Woolworths when he was ten. A few years later, and armed with a real instrument, he met his first serious love...the Doors. Mark recalls sneaking into the Yonkers flea market to buy his first vinyls and taping songs off the radio on a portable recorder. "That's how we got our music in those days."

Mark has played in bands such as Mad Hatter and Hydroshine playing covers of the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers, The Band, as well as original music. Later on he developed a taste for jazz and world beat and played with the Latin salsa project, Sabor Con Colors. "It's a great pleasure to play with FoF, great music with a great bunch of friends. And to return to where it all began, life in full circle."


Frank Casciaro Jr. - Bass & Backing Vocals

Frank began his musical journey with piano lessons at age 6. By age 8 Frank learned guitar classics like “Never on Sunday” and “Evil Ways” while still in Catholic elementary school. By 16 Frank had discovered the Bass Guitar. He began to study with folk bass original, Dick Kniss and harmonic technique with bass maestro Charlie Kniceley and has been playing professionally ever since. Franks credits greats such as Chris Squire, Ronnie Lane, Phil Lesh, John Paul Jones and the Motown great James Jamerson as inspirations for his technique and approach. Frank has played with many groups such as: Max Flyer, The Reptiles, Daybreak, Mindride, Pajamazon, HOTROD, The Geezüs Butlers and nationally with his big 80’s band The Agency. He also performed with “Lunchmeat” at Woodstock ’94 as a performance artist.  Frank has many opening act credits with bands The Animals, Three Dog Night, The Hooters, Big Audio Dynamite, Tom Tom Club, David Johannsen and many, many more. A founding member of Feast of Friends, Frank also currently performs with Mister Kick, The Geezüs Butlers and the reformed HOTROD.  Frank has been a driving force in the Hudson Valley music scene for many years and we are grateful to share the stage with his talents.


Eric Letterio - Keyboard 
Eric is the keyboardist in Feast of Friends. While the music of The Doors has always been a favorite, over the years Eric has played in a wide variety of bands and musical genres. From 50s doo-wop to New Country to Pop Rock and Heavy Metal. His longest commitment was in the popular local classic rock band HOTROD, 22 years in fact. Now he's taken up the challenge of channeling Ray Manzarek's style and soulful artistry. No small task but he's surrounded by a great bunch of talented players in Feast of Friends and this new trip will be glorious indeed.

Our Past Keyboard Players:

Brian Mangini, Jeremy Baum, Brian Fores, Brian Cady, Carl Darrigo, Andrew Goodsight